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Case Study: Urban Outdoor Adventures

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Rickshau Media approached us to help them create and produce a half-hour fishing & outdoor television show. Helm Studios was hired to be involved in the initial concept and branding, the shooting and editing stage through to the final output and creation of the website. After reviewing many fishing shows we realized that many of them were lacking in style and branding and we knew by pushing the envelope we, could make the fishing industry take notice.

The branding of the show was of major importance to us and we knew that a good logo and color scheme would set the tone for the show. Our intention was to break the show into various segments with stylized bumpers and music.

Already having had extensive experience shooting in the outdoors, Helm Studios was prepared for all the crazy variables that would come with shooting in nature and we were able to handle every situation that was thrown our way.

The title intro was the first thing that would set the mood and branding of the show so we took great care in picking the shots and overlaying graphics and images to set the pace. The main theme song of Urban Outdoor Adventures was also created in-house by Helm Studios. Compared to the traditional acoustic folk tunes that are widely used on most fishing shows, we thought a more up-beat fast-paced techno-style would lend itself to the imagery, pace and forward thinking of the show. That song was then sent to Big Honkin’ Spaceship to be used as a foundation for the development of the remaining custom tracks.

The anglers view segment was a part of the show that would showcase when, where and how the big fish of the show were caught. This was done with motion graphics and illustrations along with underwater footage and voiceovers. In the first season, Helm Studios designed and animated all illustrations with traditional 2-D graphics. For the second season, we decided to take it up a notch and work with a more glossy 3-D look, specifically for the Anglers View segment.

The Urban Outdoor Adventures website was a major component of the show. With contests and web exclusive videos promoted within the TV show, Helm Studios knew to expect a lot of traffic to the site so it needed to be designed in a way that would be consistent with the style and brand of the show. With a healthy message board to manage and episode guides unlocking every week, the site had steady traffic which helped promote the show as well as its many sponsors.

Watch a full episode below or click here for other episodes.

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